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About Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stinks. Ever since your daughter heard Sally belt out this infamous Christmas pageant faux pas, she has wanted to take up hockey. Since you live in a place that rarely sees snow, her dreams of owning her own pair of ice hockey sticks may never come true. However, do not despair. She can have her very own street hockey stick and enjoy the same thrill of passing and shooting the puck. Based on ice hockey, street hockey is played with an L-shaped stick and a puck. It can be played with a ball instead of a puck if preferred, but the scoring rules remain the same as in ice hockey. In addition, street hockey sticks often have a plastic blade at the bottom attached to a wood, aluminum, or graphite shaft rather than the one-piece design of ice hockey sticks. On the plus side, street hockey is not as full-contact as ice hockey, so your precious princess will have a better chance to avoid those brutal blows hockey is famous for. Check out the wide selection of hockey sticks offered by reliable sellers on eBay, and find the perfect present to make your one's hockey dreams come true.