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About Hockey Gloves

As one of two girls on the varsity hockey team, you take pride when hearing the phrase "you play like a girl." Hockey is a tough sport, and therefore, requires a lot of protection: you need a helmet with mouth guard to protect your pearly whites, and of course, save you the hassle from reapplying lipstick; knee and wrist pads; and hockey gloves to keep your freshly-manicured nails perfectly polished. Gloves come in many sizes, styles, and colors, and are made by many brands too, such as Bauer, Reebok, Warrior and more. On eBay, you can search a large variety of hockey gloves, new and used, and available from reliable sellers to find the pair that best fits you. Here, you can shop by brand; perhaps you need a pair of Bauer hockey gloves, featuring plenty of padding and a bold, black color to keep your pampered palms safe during falls. You may search for a pair of vintage hockey gloves made in orange or red to keep your classic old-school look alive and well on the ice.