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You wear your love for hockey on your sleeve, literally. From your lucky jersey to your Stanley Cup cap, you live for the game. Now it's time to spread the love. Check out these tips on buying hockey gifts for your loved ones on eBay.

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About Hockey

In the United States, ice hockey is the least popular of the four "major" sports, but that does not mean ice hockey fans lack passion. They show their support at games, and they collect tons of memorabilia, including hockey cards. The game comes alive with souvenirs from the ice. The first hockey card sets appeared in cigarette packages in 1910, about 50 years after the first baseball cards filtered into the mainstream. The manufacturer discontinued the cards when World War I began, and they are very valuable today. Sporadic attempts to print hockey cards occurred in the 1950s, but the cards did not mount a serious comeback until the 1980s, at which time they joined hockey jerseys as highly sought collectibles. To hockey collectors, trading cards featuring the recognizable uniforms of their favorite players make great additions to their dream collections, and they can find what they desire most on eBay. Toss in a few autographed rubber pucks, and you can create a fan's dream tribute.