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HKS premiered an advanced pull-type valve in 1994 that helped stabilize the operation of a vehicle's pressure control system. The HKS BOV (Blow-off Valve) allows the system's operating pressure to range from low boost to high boost, in a controlled manner, adding efficiency and performance to the vehicle. These valves are important to any turbo charged vehicle, and they are designed as a universal fit to accommodate many types of vehicles. More recent models of the HKS BOV feature a nickel-plated metal cast and a stainless steel C-Clip, which adds to the durability and helps keep the valve sealed. If you are ready for a turbo boost, browse the large inventory of valves available on eBay and be sure to consider the STI HKS BOV, which is an anodized adapter that helps ensure a secure fit in your vehicle. The HKS BOV was a revolutionary step in the world of turbo vehicles and HKS continues to put out models that are more efficient than the last. Get the power you seek with an HKS BOV.