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About HKS

Imagine being out on the open road with your car after installing HKS performance parts. The engine is purring beautiful. Your heart is beating wildly. This is it. This is where you're meant to be. Since 1973, HKS has been making high performance parts and accessories for cars. Not only are they credited for making the first groundbreaking aftermarket turbo for passenger cars, they are also known for creating innovative products that push the envelope for performance vehicles. So, if your heart leaps at the beautiful roaring sound of a fast car moving through every twist and turn, but you know your own car is not quite there yet? Then, consider installing HKS aftermarket products and start building your own high-performance vehicle. Whether you are thinking of installing a muffler, exhaust, turbo timer, or filter to boost your car's performance, you are bound to find these items in new, used, and refurbished conditions offered by reliable sellers on eBay. Your destiny is in your hands; create your perfect car today.