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About Hitch Cargo Carrier

When you suddenly announce that you want to get hitched, your parents look at you with shock, until they realize you simply want a hitch cargo carrier. These carriers make handy alternatives to luggage racks, bike mounts, and kayak carriers that traditionally ride on the roof. Instead of dealing with assembling parts to the top of your car, a hitch cargo carrier tucks neatly behind your vehicle and requires minimal assembly. You can find these carrying tools in several styles including those with flat beds, resembling trays, and others with high walls, keeping luggage and accessories safely inside. These carrying beds come from lightweight materials, such as aluminum and steel. These towing accessories come in various sizes and hold different weights, which makes them useful for different purposes. Small devices with flat beds hold up to 150 lbs. You can use them for toting around sports equipment, luggage, camping equipment, and other small accessories. Some carriers hold up to 500 lbs. or more, making them suitable for transporting landscaping equipment and other heavy objects. Carriers operate using two air-inflated wheels and have reflective tape around their outsides for ultimate visibility. On eBay, a large inventory facilitates your search for carriers.