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About Hit Clips

Relive your childhood with the Hit Clips digital audio player and a collection of cartridges. Manufactured by Tiger Electronics from 1999, it is the precursor to the modern MP3 players you know and love. The system consists of a digital audio player and cartridges that originally came separately. Each cartridge contains a memory chip with a digital copy of a hit song from that era. Popular cartridges include songs from the Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter, Destiny's Child, and NSYNC, among others. The Hit Clips player is slightly larger than the cartridges and is available in a variety of colors. Both the player and the cartridges have handy clips so you can attach them to a belt loop or the handle of your bag to keep them within reach. The players include a pair of ear buds, although you can also use any 3.5 mm headphones or earbuds with the music player. You can find Hit Clips players and cartridges among the vast selection on eBay, so browse through the selection and pick out your childhood favorites for a fun blast from the past.