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About Historic Autographs

Without a time machine, the time is past to ask Babe Ruth to sign a ball or baseball card. Fortunately, a huge market exists for historic autographs from every field. History buffs prize signatures of presidents, justices, and legislators from around the country. Many collectors pair historic autographs with large displays featuring photographs, news articles, and other items associated with the historical figures. A historic autograph by Neil Armstrong looks great with a banner headline about Apollo 11's moon landing, a mission patch, and a collectible coin. Baseball fans often look for Ball of Fame historic autographs sold on eBay. These collections include Hall of Famers such as Willie Mays and Sandy Koufax, the youngest player inducted into Cooperstown. Autographs are available for recent inductees like Greg Maddux and Cal Ripken, Jr., and future Hall of Famers like Randy Johnson and Mariano Rivera. For the best value, look for a box of historic autographs containing baseball cards by stars and everyday players on MLB teams. These cards are rich sources of baseball history, and collecting them is a great lifelong hobby.