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About Hip Hop Shoes

The bouncing, rhythmic movement accompanied by booming bass music exemplifies the hip-hop dance movement. Dancers often wear hip-hop shoes or sneakers, which support the ankles and feet, while they perform the energetic moves associated with hip-hop dance. Revolution hip-hop shoes, a popular type, are crossovers. Urban dancers wear a variety of the sneakers, and debonair jazz singers and musicians wear slick leather or suede sneakers and dance shoes. Women's hip-hop shoes, worn when dancing at the club or performing at an event, include high-top, wedge styles, and lightweight sneaker styles. While many shoes are black, white, or neutral colors, some manufacturers produce bright colors to match the urban dance gear worn by the dancers, gear that allows dancers to move freely and acrobatically in the routines. A wide range of new and used hip-hop shoes suitable for dance routines is available from the reliable sellers on eBay. When the music starts bumping, take a deep breath and tighten your laces before you hit the dance floor to show off your latest hip-hop moves to your friends and relatives.