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About Himstedt

With the wide selection of porcelain dolls on the market, it can be challenging to zero-in on a brand that marries quality with quantity. Himstedt combines masterful workmanship with a wide selection of different doll styles. Himstedt dolls were constructed using only optimum materials for genuinely genteel figures. Exceptional components are combined with advanced craftsmanship and intricate jointing. The result is expertly crafted dolls that look both alluring and intriguing, while also standing the test of time. Annette Himstedt designed dolls with an international intention, focusing on featuring a variety of different ethnicities in her various collections. With such a diverse selection of dolls, you are sure to find a Himstedt that fits with your design aesthetic. Her collections each center on a theme, such as German Princesses or Barefoot Children. The dolls work exceptionally well as a set, though all stand alone as individuals as well. There is a large inventory of Himstedt on eBay from several collection years, including 2003 and 2005. This makes it simple to select the one that speaks specifically to you. Display your new Himstedt in a special spot in your home where you can enjoy its engaging look any time you like.

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