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About High School Musical

Get ready to dance and sing your heart out with Disney's "High School Musical" trilogy. Imagine gathering friends and fans of all ages in your home for a fun evening of sing-alongs and impromptu dance numbers. Do you remember the first time you saw the musical sparks fly between Zac Efron's character Troy and Vanessa Hudgens' character Gabriella? Who could forget the horrible, catty antics of Ashley Tisdale as the dastardly diva, Sharpay? This modern and family friendly retelling of Romeo and Juliet is a hit with song and dance lovers of all ages, so start the popcorn and warm up your vocal chords. Relive every scene all over again with your own new or previously owned "High School Musical" DVD. But why stop there? Extend the fun and the music and score "High School Musical 2" and 3 on eBay as well, and enjoy a full evening of Disney live action musical magic. Are you a jock, brainiac, cheerleader, or a skater dude? It does not matter: When you're a Wildcat, you know better than to stick with the status quo.