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About High Low Skirts

A woman walking with a flowing, graceful train of fabric floating behind her is the epitome of beauty and elegance. Because long trains are not feasible to wear to most occasions, high-low skirts offer a wonderful alternative that brings this design element into casual, party, or formal wear. As the name implies, these skirts have a hem that is higher in the front and lower in the back. Long high-low skirts tend to be somewhat more dramatic, with the front of the hemline being at the knees or higher and the fabric cascading all the way to the floor in the back. This transition is much more gradual on shorter skirts. There are also sheer high-low skirts, which often entail shorter skirts that are made from solid fabrics and longer, sheer overlays that are longer in the back. High-low skirts make excellent party attire, especially when ruffles are used to add volume and emphasize the high-low effect. Whether you are shopping for a unique skirt for day-to-day wear or something to wear on a night out, the large inventory on eBay offers plenty of great high-low options.