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About HID Bulbs

Not only is driving down the road with a burnt out headlight not safe, it is also illegal and can get you a costly ticket. Do not take a chance; stock up on HID bulbs from sellers on eBay. The selection of bulbs available use low power and have an excellent long life, so you do not have to worry about replacing them often. 9006 HID bulbs are available that come specifically designed for xenon lamps and are made with high-tech materials. These lamps are dustproof and compact for easy self-installation. They are also shock resistant, and provide superior performance during bumpy drives. For another replacement bulb, check out the H4 HID bulb selection for the ultimate replacement for aftermarket HID lights. These HID bulbs are available brand new in their original packaging and give a high low beam light. The bulbs do not require any additional wires or modifications for installation.