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About HID Ballasts

You do a lot of night driving and are tired of squinting into the darkness while you make your way through unknown back roads. Switching to HID headlamps is a brilliant idea, but you need HID ballasts to make the conversion. An HID ballast regulates the intensity of the lamp and reduces energy pulled from the battery. It also decreases maintenance costs and increases the lifespan of the lamps. Sometimes ballasts fail to spark, but you can check voltage and amps with a meter. Check the wiring and make sure there is an adequate ground. Check the solenoids for corrosion, as this can affect the connection. If the connections are loose, solder them to make sure they are making good contact. You can also purchase replacement HID light ballasts. Newer HID slim ballast digital models are more efficient and use less current. Some have internal check circuitry for self-diagnosis and reset in the case of lamp failure to protect the circuit. This greatly extends the life of both the ballast and the lamps. Some manufacturers use simple crimping to connect the ballast, so they should be easy to replace. You can find every thing you need for your headlamp change out, including HID ballasts, lamps, and conversion kits on eBay.