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About Hi-Hat

R&B, hip-hop, disco, jazz, metal, rock and roll, house, reggae and virtually all other forms of contemporary popular music: They all require the shimmering crash of a hi-hat to sound complete. New or previously played hi-hat cymbals make it to the list of anyone looking to rock a complete drum kit that cannot be challenged. As with other cymbals, size matters. Therefore, when you want a lot of volume and sustain, go big; however, if response is your priority, you can aim a little smaller. You can find the perfect size for your kit, plus an optimal stand, on eBay. Hi-hats are a great way to get your feet in on the playing action. Operated using a pedal and stick, they create a rhythm to match the tapping of your toes. Practicing with one makes a serious drummer out of a novice and creates a more involved player. Master your hi-hat shuffle and experiment with different models and sizes until you can create a signature sound. It's all in the wrist—and ankle.