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About Hershey - Collectibles

There are a number of iconic American companies today, but few of them have an entire town named after them, as well as decades' long national dominance of something as popular and beloved as chocolate. Hershey's is technically just a brand, but it is also much more than that; it is an inextricable part of American culture. Over the past century of its existence, the Pennsylvania based confectioner has produced a wide array of collectible products, many of them carried by the reliable sellers on eBay, such as a vintage metal Hershey sign bearing the image of the famed old-fashioned chocolate bar wrapper. Of course, sellers on eBay also offer an extensive variety of actual Hershey's chocolate, including Kisses, milk chocolate bars, assorted miniature Hershey bars, assorted Hershey's Nuggets, and all of your favorites sold in large quantities. With all of the shipping options available, you can be sure that your collectibles and chocolate reaches you in good condition.