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About Heroscape Sets

Heroquest sets are a great way to add fun and adventure into your life without having to leave the house. Whether it is the high adventure of a fantasy battleground or the explosive action of Marvel superheroes you crave, it caters to most tastes. You can start with a Heroquest Master Set, which provides everything you need to get your adventure going. Choose from various other sets, such as Swarm of the Marro, which gives you a jungle-based man vs. insect scenarios or The Rise of the Valkyrien, which pits you against T-Rex riding orcs and dragons. Afterward, you can find new expansion sets on eBay for even more twists and turns in your heroic quest. From Marvel and Dungeons and Dragons to World War II sets, Wizards of the Coast, the inventors of Heroscape, have allowed for a wide range of characters and settings. The rules are universal to all sets, so you could find your World War II soldiers teaming up with Doctor Doom and trying to bring down the Dark Elves of the Underdark. Just imagine the Hulk going up against a dragon, and Spider-Man destroying an orc stronghold. Hey, it could happen with the right combination of Heroquest sets. In fact, you can make any adventure come to being.