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About Heroscape

With the right gaming computer, you can play role playing games with competitors across the globe, in an infinite number of universes, but sometimes it is more fun to actually sit around with friends and battle it out on the table. Most people have heard about role- playing fantasy games, but Heroscape takes miniature war gaming to the next level with a three-dimensional playing field and exquisite character figures based on historical and mythical gods. You need the Heroscape Master set to begin play, but it contains everything you need to start your first adventure. Many players like to design their own adventures, but the master set comes with a number of likely scenarios. Although the original figures are based on classic tropes and mythical figures, for another twist, you can play Heroscape Marvel, with Marvel Comics characters, like Captain America and Spider-Man. Even though this game system has been out of production for a few years, you can find a custom Heroscape set or a wide range of expansion packs from the large inventories of the sellers on eBay. Convenient shipping options can get your new obsession to you in no time; just remember to buy plenty of snacks for the long adventures ahead.