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About Heroclix

You have a room full of action figures, comic books, DVDs, and art of your favorite superheroes. You have one spot open and it is for one thing; Heroclix. Heroclix are collectible game pieces that feature some of the most well known figures in superhero history. Many people play the actual game, where you take hits and adjust your stats on the bottom of the bases accordingly. This feature is what gives the game its name. Just as many people collect them just for their favorite superhero. Each comic chain has his or her own group of heroes, such as Marvel's Heroclix Hulk figure. The big green machine has always been a favorite of all age groups. Heroclix Batman figure from the DC universe is very popular as well, with not only comic book readers, but fans of the movies as well. No matter the reason you are collecting, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a great selection of items to consider.