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About Hermes Watches

In the 19th century, people wanting to buy luxury items had to go to Paris to shop in Hermes. Today, if you want a luxury timepiece, you can buy a Hermes watch. The company was founded in 1837 so it has over 175 years' experience producing luxury goods. The company started making watches in the mid 1930s. As a result, you can get vintage Hermes watches, as well as modern models. There is a vast inventory of both available on eBay. The modern options include dress watches as well as sport versions, such as the Hermes Clipper Watch, which has a quartz movement, a chronograph, and is water resistant up to 600 feet. Women's Hermes watches include the Kelly timepiece. It is a dress watch with a taupe calfskin strap that wraps around the wrist multiple times. It also has a quartz movement and is water resistant to 98 feet. The name Kelly is inspired by the former actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. She shopped in Hermes and was photographed often with its goods.