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About Hermes Scarves

In the world of fashion, there are accessories that accent and outfit women, and there are accessories that define them. The Hermes scarf, perhaps one of the world's most recognizable and beloved ways to make a statement in the fashion world, wrote the book on accessories made to stand out. First introduced in 1937 by Emile-Maurice Hermes, the carres, which is scarf in French, quickly defined the French culture and, over time, the Hermes brand itself. Only a square of fabric, the original Hermes silk scarves stood out because they were twice as strong as competitor items were. Today, each different, intricate, and modern pattern endures years of design and inspiration from Hermes' dedicated scarf team. Each scarf is then individually screen-printed, and its hems stitched by hand. Two new scarf patterns enter the market each year, making over 150 different modern and vintage Hermes scarves out there for avid collectors, many of which are easy to find on eBay. Some of the most memorable names in modern fashion, such as Queen Elizabeth II and Grace Kelly, appreciate the fine texture, unmistakable quality, and strong statement of a Hermes scarf. In this way, it is far more than just another accessory to the modern couture fashionista. It is the definition of style.