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About Hermes Evelyne

Your BFF has just returned from her trip to Paris where she picked up one of the cutest, most practical purses you have seen for a long time and she would have brought one back for you too, but it has a hefty price tag. The Hermes Evelyne handbag comes in a variety of sizes: TPM, PM, GM, and TGM. The most popular is the PM as it is just the right size for everyday use. It has one large interior compartment with enough room for your essentials, such as a wallet, phone, and keys, as well as a makeup bag, sunglasses, ballet flats, and a tablet. Its cross-body style is perfect if you are cycling around town, but you can also wear it as a longer shoulder bag that rests on your hip. The thick canvas strap is adjustable and offers a casual look. The third generation bag, Evelyne III, has an exterior pocket for easy access to small items. The front of the bag features an "H" in an oval disc to announce its Hermes heritage. If you are looking for a top-class designer purse that is easy to wear, then browse the vast inventory on eBay for the Hermes Evelyne handbag.