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About Herman Miller

Take a seat and relax, your boss casually says. As your nerves kick in and wonder what bad news she has to share you're suddenly comforted by a Herman Miller chair. You can tell your boss customized the chair for someone of your height, yet you know "short Sally" from accounting enjoyed it, too. Arguably one of the more prominent pieces of office furniture, the Eames lounge chair catches your eye from the corner of the room. It's lush leather seating, with matching ottoman, as luxurious wooden back screams "sit here" but you don't dare. You're enjoying your black Herman Miller office chair with mesh backing. With the casual brush of your fingers under the chair you can tell the height was adjusted just for you. Maybe your boss isn't the bearer of bad news. Maybe she wanted you to enjoy sitting in the fast lane for just a moment as you reviewed your last project together. Reliable sellers on eBay offer new and used versions of this exact chair. Not only did you nail the project, but you've earned yourself a seat at the table.