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About Heritage Dolls

As a child, you enjoyed visiting your great aunt, who had such a large collection of Heritage dolls. Included in her Heritage collection of dolls were delicate porcelain creations of both babies and young children, and your favorite one was a breathtakingly beautiful handcrafted Heritage musical doll. You can remember how she would allow you to hold the precious doll carefully as you listened in awe at the sweet music it played. It?s no surprise, then, that as you look at the beautiful doll that your husband just gave you, tears fill your eyes. He thoughtfully bought you your very own Heritage musical doll from a reliable seller on eBay. The rare, 16-inch musical porcelain doll named Hannah plays the song "Memory" and came in mint condition, as the seller painstakingly preserved the doll and kept it in its original box. As you carefully take the doll from its box and cradle it gently as plays its melody softly in the background, you?re immediately transported back to those days sitting on the couch with your aunt when you didn?t have a care in the world.