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About Herend

Sitting in your mother?s dining room, your eyes land on her buffet cabinet that holds her vast collection of Herend china, and sitting in the center of the top shelf is the Herend Queen Victoria hand-painted plate set that your wife gave her for Christmas. You are constantly amazed at how much both you and your wife enjoy collection pieces from the Herend collection, and in fact, your wife is now an avid collector herself who often visits eBay to find great deals from reliable sellers that help her to add to her collection. Recently she found an authentic Herend rabbit to add to her own Herend figurines collection, and the well cared for large leaf centerpiece features a delicately sculptured green leaf with a pure white porcelain rabbit that lies serenely beneath it. Once the piece arrived, she placed it carefully on the top center of her curio cabinet and informed you her next target is the Herend Rothschild bird collection, because she wants her cabinet to be just as much of a conversation-starter as your mother?s has been for all these years.