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Hercules - DVDs & Blu-ray Discs

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About Hercules - DVDs & Blu-ray Discs

Bursting onto the big screen in 1997, Hercules takes on the tale of the Greek hero as Disney does it best—with music and comedy fit for the whole family. Featuring the voice talents of the likes of Danny DeVito, James Woods, Tate Donovan, and Rip Torn, this 35th full-length animated feature film follows the titular character as he discovers his true destiny as a true hero. Accompanied by his childhood friend, Pegasus the flying stallion, and with the help of a world class hero trainer in the form of a satyr named Philoctetes (or Phil for short), Hercules meets sarcastic Damsel Meg, makes it to Thebes, and does battle with Hades and his wily Hydra. A new or used Disney Hercules DVD or Blu-ray belongs in the collection of every fan of Walt Disney features, and you can secure your own copy on eBay. The soundtrack even boasts a credits theme sung by Michael Bolton, called "Go the Distance." Of particular note is James Woods' performance as Hades, which was witty, rapid-fire, and partially ad-libbed. Classic mythology has never been such a family friendly laugh riot.