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About HEPA Filters

Your eyes itch, your nose will not stop running, and you cannot quit sneezing, so you decide to take yet another trip to the doctor because taking the same allergy pills that give you relief also make you incredibly drowsy. Your doctor suggests getting a HEPA air purifier along with an extra HEPA filter to see if that helps with your allergies. As you start to search for an air purifier, you scratch your head in confusion and wonder why your doctor would tell you to get a HEPA replacement filter when the air purifier comes with one. The purpose of an air purifier is to clean the air in your home by removing the dust, dirt, and allergens from the air. When it removes the dust, dirt, and allergens from the air, it collects them on the HEPA air filter. If you do not change that filter once every couple of months, eventually the filter will become too clogged to continue to keep your air clean and clear for you. You should have no trouble finding a HEPA filter to soothe your allergies thanks to the wide variety of options provided by the reliable sellers on eBay.