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About Henna

It?s almost impossible not to be transfixed by Bollywood movies with swirling dances, colorful saris and the inevitable wedding; their larger than life, ostentatious style is the perfect escapism. And, with any wedding scene comes the requisite henna tattooing. While the practice of using henna to create ornate temporary tattoos is still customary in certain countries?anyone can dabble in this fine body art technique. If you?re a complete novice, then maybe start with a simple henna tattoo kit, or if you?re more experienced then you may just need a new application tool like a resist, cone or syringe. Our reliable sellers on eBay can offer you anything from powdered henna, to henna stencils to help you achieve those flowery designs without having to be an expert. You get the best results if you leave the paste on the skin for several hours, but you still see a subtle orangey stain if you can?t wait that long. Because you?re just using a plant-based stain, the henna should naturally wash away gradually over a period of a few weeks. Remember to check for skin reactions before applying properly?then you can henna to your heart?s content.