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About Henkel Harris

Sinking into a sumptuous sofa surrounded by boxes, you look around your new home and plan the perfect room. Henkel Harris makes America's finest furniture and you can find the perfect occasional table or bookcase in its collection. There are also pieces for the bedroom, dining room, and office that share the same European antique furniture design. The company started with couple Carroll and Mary Henkel making furniture in a rented building in 1946 with little experience of the craft. Working in furniture repair gave them a better understanding of antiques, along with excellent finishing techniques that are still a hallmark of the company. If you have an empty spot in the hall, you may consider a beautiful console table with a rectangular mahogany veneer top and rounded corners. It comes with a draw that fits flush with the side of the table and satinwood inserts at the top of the legs. There are also impressive four-poster beds with canopy frames. This antique-style Henkel Harris furniture is a wonderful addition to any home, and you can find all the pieces you need among the large inventory on eBay.