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About Hematite Necklaces

When you look at a row of highly polished hematite necklaces that gleam with a dark grey luster, you may wonder why the stone is nicknamed blood iron. When extracted from the earth and before it is polished, iron oxide has streaks of rusty red within it, giving it its bloody nickname. In lore, it is said that the stone?s magnetic nature reduces stress and has healing properties. Whether you buy into the belief or not, it is an attractive piece of jewelry. If it helps you relax before a test or job interview, well, that?s just an added benefit. Men?s necklaces typically are made from smaller beads and sit close to the neck. Women may prefer ones with a focal heart or cross pendant. Be careful not to drop your necklace onto a hard surface, as the stone is relatively brittle. Find a vintage hematite necklace on eBay, or choose from a selection of new styles. Relax and let your stress flow into your necklace.