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About Hellboy

Batman may have his billions and his stylish outfit, but Hellboy is in a different class of heroes altogether. His right hand is a weapon of doom, his father was a demon, his mother a heretic and a witch, and his adoptive father a professor of the supernatural and warrior against evil. Raised on a military base in New Mexico, he has become a bright red icon of offbeat comics and a film star in his own right. Thanks to the trusted sellers on eBay, you can purchase copies of films such as Hellboy on DVD, as well as associated video games and merchandise. Hellboy is a tireless champion of humanity, despite his demonic ancestry, and his fight against the unknowable and the monstrous has spanned twenty years of comic book adventures available in collections and in individual volumes. Affordable and reliable shipping options are available to customers all over the world. The heroic, deadpan detective has many years of fighting evil ahead of him, too. The film Hellboy 2 continues his adventures.