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About Helios Lenses

After picking up an old camera at a rummage sale, you realize that it uses the screw-thread M42 lens mount system. If your current lenses are incompatible with your new find, you may want to consider choosing an M42 lens from Helios. Helios was a Russian brand of camera lenses that made lenses compatible with Zenit cameras, as well as other M42 mounted systems such as the Pentax Spotmatic. The company created a total of 16 lenses, all prime lenses with fixed focal lengths, ranging from the wide-angle Helios-33 with a 35 mm focal length to the Helios-53 telephoto lens that boasts a 200 mm focal length. One popular model, the Helios 44-2, is a nice 58 mm for portrait shooting, while the Helios 40-2 85 mm is a solid mid-range telephoto lens. If you crave the nostalgia that only film photography can give you, pick up a Helios lens on eBay from one of the many reliable sellers and start using that M42 mounted camera you have been dying to try out.