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About Helicopter Helmets

If you like to collect vintage helicopter helmets from previous wars and eras, then find a unique addition from the vast inventory of helicopter helmets on eBay. A refurbished Gentex helicopter helmet HGU-39/P with 1987 bolts, straps, and bayonets, minimal scratches, and corrosion is a nice example. Alternatively, find a United States army APH-5 helicopter pilot helmet from the Vietnam war era. It even comes with an authentic flight bag. If you like contemporary flight helmets, look into custom painted editions, such as the Superman air jet and helicopter helmet. It features a bright blue color and the iconic Superman symbol in red and yellow. It has padding for comfort and adjustable straps. This helmet comes in various sizes as well and could make an excellent gift for that friend who is just getting his flying license. It is also and ideal present for an experienced pilot. Find replacement parts for your helicopter helmet as well, such as a clear visor lens or tinted UV protective lens. Whether you are a collector or want to get into flying yourself, there are many options available.