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About Heisey

Founded in Newark, Ohio, in 1895, the family operated A.H. Heisey Company produced finely crafted pressed and blown glass dinnerware, serving ware, and home decor until it closed in 1957. Heisey glassware is characterized by the use of flame polishing, a technique that imparts high-clarity and radiance to glass. Heisey glassware is still popular and is considered highly collectible by connoisseurs of fine tableware and mid-century nostalgia. Explore the large selection of Heisey glassware in a myriad of colors, patterns, and styles offered by reliable sellers on eBay. Heisey animals are stunning adornments for coffee tables, mantels, and library shelves. Choose an elegant goose in flight, its wings reaching skyward; a nesting rabbit forged in pale blue glass; or a standing colt forged in elegant caramel slag. Fresh flowers are illuminated in a dazzling Heisey vase. Select a rounded violet vase in Heisey's popular "Orchid" pattern; a "Colonial" vase with etched flowers; or a rare Heisey vase awash in palest amethyst. For exquisite Heisey pitchers, candlesticks, compotes, and more, illuminate your home with the brilliance of Heisey.