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About Heirloom Seeds

Growing your own food is not a surefire way to escape genetically modified crops. For a better solution, choose Heirloom seeds, which come from plants that predate genetic engineering. These seeds have a reliable history, since they survived being passed down from generation to generation - hence the name. They promote crop diversity because they do not grow on a large scale. These seeds give you access to thousands of varieties of each type of plant, so you can select the most flavorsome to enjoy with your friends and family. As well as delicious edible plants, you can also use Heirloom flower seeds to produce bright and beautiful colors to enjoy all season in your garden. Heirloom seed kits are popular because they offer several options to get your garden started. Each kit contains enough seeds to ensure a healthy harvest. Choose from the Heirloom seeds available from reliable sellers on eBay, and get your garden ready for a bountiful harvest.