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About Heavy Duty Hinges

You open doors, close cabinets, and walk through gates without giving a second thought to the hardware that allows these structures to continue performing. These and other large, swinging constructions rely on heavy duty hinges to safely support a great amount of weight. Having top-of-the-line locks on your doors does little good if your hinges are apt to break easily. Heavy duty door hinges are made from thick, stainless steel and span at least two inches on either side of the center. As an added safety feature, some of these hinges have security pins that are not removable while the door is closed. Another way that hinges keep people safe is by supporting the weight of doors and other heavy items that could fall without proper support. Heavy duty strap hinges extend anywhere from just a few inches to 20 inches or more across a door, gate, or window. These heavy duty hinges, made from durable metals, can accommodate larger bolts, and their length makes them suited to support more weight. Hinges of nearly every shape and size are available within the large inventory on eBay.