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About Heat Shrink Tubings

Now that you have your wires soldered together, you need a way to make sure they stay together, and protected. Your best solution for this problem is heat shrink tubing. This is nylon tubing, made in a variety of diameters, that slides over the wires you need to protect. Once it is in the right place, a blast of heat from something as simple as a hair dryer set to high heat shrinks the tubing up until it holds the wires tightly. For the true do-it-yourself-er, a heat shrink tubing assortment is the way to go. These kits have a variety of lengths and diameters of heat shrink tubing for any project you might encounter. To really make sure the job sticks, do not forget the heat shrink tubing adhesive when you pick up your kit. With a huge variety of sellers on eBay offering shrinkable tubing, you can get exactly what you need for your project.