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About Hearse

While the most common use for a hearse is to transport a coffin during a funeral or to and from the funeral home, these vehicles became increasingly popular in the 1980s after the classic movie "Ghostbusters" was released. The 1959 Cadillac hearse, known as the Ecto-1, transported the team as they busted ghosts throughout New York City. Because of the popularity of the film, people began searching for these cars to add to their own collections. Despite the morbid look and feel, hearses have several comfortable amenities and lots of cargo space. Like other vehicles, they include air conditioning, stereo systems, cruise control, power windows, and several other features. While some search for late models to drive on a regular basis, others look for classic or antique models to restore and add to a collection. In particular, antique models of the Buick Roadmaster hearse are highly sought after by collectors due to their unique appearance. Unlike modern hearses that lack windows in the rear, the Roadmaster has large windows all the way around the body of the vehicle. They often feature decorative curtains to add privacy. Find new, classic, and vintage hearses by shopping from the many reputable sellers on eBay. Whether for a funeral home or for private ownership of a unique vehicle, a hearse offers comfort, versatility, and style.

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