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About Heads Up Display

Your friend picks you up in her new car, and although the interior is eye-catching, your focus immediately falls on the heads-up display. An enticing position, which keeps the driver's head in line with the road, makes it easy to catch a glimpse of the screen while driving. You begin to search for a display to match your own car and find numerous options, including a universal display kit with speed warning and a display that easily plugs into most makes and models. Keep an eye on your speed and fuel levels with combination speed and fuel level warning displays, or perhaps use the device to automatically adjust brightness levels. Features may include displays that project important information on the front windshield of a vehicle, with human voice reminders that remind drivers to slow down. A vast inventory on eBay provides generous selections of specific products, including the BMW heads-up display for cars ranging from the 3-Series to 5-Series. You can also find a Corvette heads-up display, including ones that project the speed on the windshield and others that monitor the car's fuel level and engine temperature. Look for a heads-up display with a reflective film for increased clarity.