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About Headphone Cables

Just a little bit farther, now?reach! How frustrating is it when a headphone cable runs short of your needs, obstructing your ability to hook up to your stereo receiver or turntable? It?s wise to never count on the stock cabling that comes with your headset of choice, unless you intend to lug an audio device around in your pocket all day. For the serious listener, a lengthy headphone cable is a no-brainer, purchased at the same time as new audio equipment is. Fortunately, reliable sellers on eBay list a myriad of headphone extension cable and replacement cable options to allow you to be prepared for any requisite distance from your audio hookup. Cables are available in sizes from the standard 3.5mm to the more professionally oriented 6.5mm, and many are built with optional port-size converters, so your 3.5mm headphones can function with older equipment, and vice versa. The digital age has offered us more ways to groove than ever before, so don?t let equipment limitations and cord lengths barricade you from what could otherwise be the soundtrack of your life.