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About Headache Rack

If you have to make a sudden stop, that tool box you have on top of the stack of supplies in the back of your pickup might very well hurtle through the open back window of the cab and whack you on the head. To prevent this from happening, a headache rack is a wise investment. A truck headache rack basically fits behind the back of a truck's cab, preventing items from moving forward and damaging or entering through the cab window. You can find cab protectors made from all sorts of metals, from steel to aluminum. Each has some sort of mesh to prevent items from moving. This could be either a fine mesh, almost like a screen, or a larger mesh made up of bars. No matter which type of pickup headache rack you choose, it should be easy to mount on the rear of your cab to keep the risk of injuries down. There is a vast inventory of truck accessories on eBay, so finding the right headache rack for your vehicle does not have to be a headache at all.