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About Head Scarfs

Whether you are looking for a way to tame your mane after a battle with the wind, to make a fashion statement, or to protect sensitive skin from the environment, a head scarf is a must-have accessory for everyone, male or female. A head scarf is practical as well as fashionable and comes in a variety of styles from turbans to wraps. A men's head scarf can range from a bandanna to a skull cap and is designed to keep your hair out of your way and the sweat out of your eyes, whether you are working or enjoying a ride on your motorcycle. For those experiencing hair loss as a result of illness, chemotherapy, or Alopecia, a cancer head scarf can offer comfort and warmth as well as style. Usually handmade from soft material such as silk and 100 percent cotton, they are designed without seams that will irritate sensitive skin. Some even include soft padding for added comfort. Whether you are looking for style or practicality, or both, you can find a large inventory of head scarves available from reliable sellers on eBay.