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About He Man

To combat the sinister demon Skeletor and defend the realm of Eternia against evil, Prince Adam periodically takes on the persona of He-Man, a super-powered hero. Portrayed in the toy market as a blond, tanned man with powerful muscles, He-Man wears a loincloth, a pair of boots, and a crisscrossing chest harness with a sheath for his Sword of Power at the back. Typically, a line of toys originates from a book, TV show, comic series, or movie. However, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is the exception, as Mattel developed the toys first and then worked with Filmation to create the animated TV show. The He-Man action figures are now vintage treasures, which you can purchase preowned on eBay from reputable sellers. As you shop, keep in mind that there are a vast number of characters in the series, including the original line and many more figures from the films and the spinoff She-Ra: Princess of Power series. Owning the He-Man classics, including the line of action figures and the cartoons, allows you to possess a unique piece of American 1980s culture.