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About HDMI to RCA Converter

Sometimes you have a piece of legacy equipment that you want to connect to a contemporary flat screen television. Without an HDMI-to-RCA converter, that piece of equipment never sees use on a modern TV. All contemporary television sets and computer screens use a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) that provides a quality audio and video transmission for all of those high-definition shows and movies. The RCA converter can help you use your older equipment, such as VCRs and video game systems that rely on old A/V jacks. These RCA cables feature three or five 3.5 mm jacks; two of the jacks are for left and right audio and one jack is for the video information. The HDMI-to-RCA converter is placed between the television and the piece of legacy equipment, and converts the RCA signal into an HDMI-compatible signal for the television. Some converters can even upgrade the visual information for a high-definition result onscreen, and are available from the large inventory on eBay. Do not let equipment that still works linger in the closets, get a converter and get back to your favorite movies and games.