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About HDMI to AV Converter

Blasting aliens with plasma grenades and taking jumps over yawning canyons is exciting on a laptop screen, but on a widescreen HDTV your games explode to life. An HDMI to AV converter allows you to stream audio and video from your computer to your television, meaning that movies, TV shows, music, and games on your computer make the leap to your entertainment center. An HDMI to Composite/AV video converter lets you perform the same feat with a composite cord, which combines both input forms. An HDMI to AV converter box lets you set up a convenient hub to connect both cords and facilitate easy hookup of various devices. Set the box near your television, and whenever you want to take something from small screen to large, you can just snap in the connector and get right down to watching the show. Shop for HDMI to AV converters by browsing the vast inventory of electronics on eBay.