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About HDMI to Audio

Different pieces of technology can work together using conversion devices so you can get the most out of your technology. With the HDMI to audio available on eBay, you can get both video and audio through your devices rather than just the video. Find products on eBay in used or new condition from reliable sellers to make your technology dreams come true. HDMI to optical audio features two female HDMI ports with a left/right audio port so that you can extract the audio into booming surround sound. Similarly, you can convert HDMI to analog audio, which connects those classic yellow, red, and white cords from your HDMI compatible device into your TV. This allows the audio and video to go through your TV, which means you can avoiding being forced to listen to a movie on your computer speakers. Whatever your intended purpose, an HDMI to audio cord can make all your movie watching dreams come to life ? with sound.