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About HD Projector 1080p

If a 32-inch HD Smart TV is an immersive way to enjoy movies and shows, then the whopping 120-inch display of a 1080p HD projector is almost a 400 percent upgrade that you can take anywhere and set up with ease. Connect your smartphone or laptop to an HD projector and network with portable Bluetooth speakers for a full-scale theater experience anywhere with a blank wall. A Sony 1080p HD projector transforms any den or living room into a vibrant 3D theater, with crisp images and included 3D glasses. A ViewSonic DLP projector provides a lifelike high-definition display with brilliant contrast and colors. The included remote can dim the image by up to 70 percent with a single press of a button to shift an audience's focus while you are talking. Shop the large inventory on eBay for 1080p HD projectors for the home, office, and portable use. Even a mini 1080p HD projector that practically fits in the palm of your hand can project an image up to 60 inches in diagonal from a strong LED lamp.