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About Hazmat Suit

When you need to dish some dirt, hazmat suits gladly join your side, and when the going gets tough, these suits get you going. They classify as personal protective gear, enclosing your body from head to toe like a cocoon. They feature impermeable materials, such as aluminum and other metals, which resist penetration from toxic fumes and chemicals. Some hazmat suits include self-contained breathing systems, such as oxygen chambers, masks, and tubes, letting you breathe safe air while working in potentially harmful conditions. These suits see use in many fields including firefighting, biological research, toxic cleanups, and more. Suits vary in thickness and composition, making them ideal for different purposes. Suits used in chemical cleanups contain multiple layers of chemical diverting materials such as heavy rubber, Teflon, and Tyvek. Despite offering loose and baggy fits, these suits come in heavy weights and do not facilitate ventilation. You can find them in several different classes including Class A, Class B, and Class C, which indicates their ideal uses. Class A suits protect against chemical and nuclear agents, while Class B suits offer protection from biological hazards, and Class C suits resist fire. On eBay, a large inventory lets you search for suits by brand, like Dupont hazmat suits, or by level and protection from specific hazards.

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