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About Hazel Atlas

You can carefully hide your Meissen porcelain in a locked glass cabinet, and feel at peace serving dinner with the equally historical, but much less expensive, Hazel Atlas service. This flatware and glassware dates back from the Great Depression and onward to the turbulent and flowery 60s. Most authentic sets boast about the signs of age. Hazel Atlas dinnerware, which is composed of plates, bowls, cups, and glasses, are all gorgeous and sturdy?something you could cart around and eat out of while watching TV. If your cupboards are already full, perhaps a special someone in your life would love to receive a set. Hazel Atlas Crinoline comes in blue, turquoise, and numerous other colors to match vintage summer skirts, even Hazel Atlas pink. Available from the reliable sellers on eBay, the sets abound in their curly-edged glory.