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Hawthorne - Collectibles

About Hawthorne - Collectibles

The majority of modern bikes are not nearly as appealing and unique as the vintage ones are. Hawthorne bicycles exude a style and class not often seen in contemporary ones. Built for beauty rather than performance, they feature wide frames and curved lines. The fender flares swooped over the wheels, and large handlebars curved towards the rider. All these features added unnecessary weight but sure looked attractive. Additionally, the Montgomery Ward stores distributed them from 1934 until 1960, resulting in quite a few models available that range in value and rarity. Collectors and bike enthusiasts can check out eBay for listings from reliable sellers to scoop up a piece of cycle history. Those interested in restoration and repair can find Hawthorne bike parts on eBay as well. This ensures the bike retains its vintage appeal and looks as it was meant to look. The next time one of these beauties cruises down the sidewalk, it will be you on it.